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Our team is working with full motivation to make microplastics visible. With a large portion of curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, we bring structure to enormous amounts of chemical data and thereby enable insights that were not possible before. In this way, we support laboratories and science.

Leadership Team

Michael Stibi

Michael is the managing director at Purency. He is primarily responsible for the strategic direction of the company and takes on a large role as an idea generator in all areas. With his degree in technical chemistry, his entreprenurial studies in the innovation curriculum and i2c incubator of the Vienna University of Technology, and his creative nature, Michael has been able to develop an excellent eye for new business and partnership opportunities. He is solution-oriented and possesses an extraordinary gift for reflection, always ensuring that the team and Purency are learning and evolving.

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Valerie Hengl

Valerie is the managing director at Purency. She is primarily responsible for the operational development and build-up of the company. Her role is to ensure that all the gears are turning in the right direction. Several years of experience in management consulting and as chair of the Forum Alpach Network have given her a sharpened eye for process execution and transformation. Her interdisciplinary training in business administration, international relations and environmental technology allow her to quickly adapt to any environment. Valerie is our rock and always makes sure that successes are duly celebrated!

Benedikt Hufnagl

Benedikt is mainly responsible for all technical decisions of our products. Due to his studies (technical chemistry, process engineering and last but not least PhD studies in the field of chemometrics) and his years of experience in programming, he is not only able to put himself in the position of the user and identify problems in the market, but also to find solutions quickly. Benedikt develops product solutions and aligns them with our strategy and vision. At the same time, he takes an active role as a delegate for ISO where he is working to develop a standard for microplastic analysis. Benedikt is the calm soul of our team and, when things are going well, brings a musical accompaniment to significant meetings.

Aurelia Liechtenstein

Aurelia takes responsibility for the company's market direction and analyzes opportunities for commercial growth. She has a very broad range of knowledge. Her studies in international business with a major in finance, her interest in sciences as well as experience and expertise in the field of IT and digitalization, make her Purency's all-rounder. Therefore, she is also actively supporting with the strategic direction of the product. Aurelia is known as our laughing bundle of energy and manages to find structure in everything.

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