Shaping Purency

Help us enable scalable microplastics analysis for labs and scientists around the world. We create a culture where every idea is heard and we work together to create new things. We learn and grow beyond ourselves together - apply now!

Open Positions

Application Engineer / Chemometrician (F/M/D)

Shaping the Microplastics Finder and our engineering culture.

Initiative Application (F/M/D)

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Sales & Marketing Talent (F/M/D)

Shaping & engaging in our GoToMarket strategy.

Software Developer (F/M/D)

Shaping the Microplastics Finder and our engineering culture.

Our Values

Shared Value

Whatever we do, we want it to create shared value. Be it aligning your personal growth preferences with your tasks or setting up a partnership with a client - we pursue activities that generate value for all parties involved.
If it's not a win for everyone, it's not a win.

Drive To Results

Your time is precious to us! You shouldn't waste it with redundant work or tasks that are not top-priority and generating the results needed. We seek to improve and simplify what we're doing and how in order to reach results efficiently.


We treat each other with respect and can depend on one another. We are open and honest in our communication and own up to mistakes, as they give us the precious opportunity to learn and then grow beyond them together.


We strive for short & clear communication. Receiving and being able to give constructive feedback proactively is an ability everyone needs in our team. We engage with our team members and proactively work on these relationships as they are not just a key to success but also create an environment that you enjoy being in every day.


You have talent and ideas! We create a culture where you can live up to your full confidence and where every idea is heard. Together we are passionate to create new things and find opportunities by taking calculated risks.