Why we do what we do

There is hardly any reliable knowledge about plastic particles below 100 µm. A reliable and scalable measurement method is needed to gain insights on the contamination levels of microplastics in our environment, as well as nutrition. However, the enormous amounts of complex data produced during the measurement process pose a challenge. Therefore, Purency GmbH automates the data analysis of microplastics measurement to accurately and quickly recognise the type, number and size of microplastics. The mission is to provide these data analysis solutions to laboratories enabling fast, scalable and unbiased analysis of microplastics to protect consumers and the environment.


Over the course of several years of research (including his PhD thesis), one of the four co-founders of Purency, Benedikt, has been working on the data analysis of microplastics measurements. He quickly became aware of the problems involved: often he had to work on a single sample for days and even then not all particles could be correctly identified. That is why he automated the data analysis using machine learning. The fact that this automation of data analysis of microplastics measurements could add value for many more people than just Benedikt in the future quickly struck Michael as well - the idea was born. A few months later, Valerie and Aurelia were already part of the team. While the Corona pandemic started and the countries gradually went into lockdown, the idea was further developed into a business plan. This led to a commitment for preseed funding from Austria Wirtschaftsservice in spring 2020. In August 2020, this resulted in the founding of Purency GmbH - the child was given a name. Already in October 2020, the product, the Microplastics Finder, was presented to a broad audience at Analytica 2020, the world's leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analytics and biotechnology.