Visit to Aalborg for the MONPLAS meeting at the Micro2022 conference

On the 14th of November 2022, Purency, represented by Michaela Radl, visits the Micro2022 conference and gives a presentation on "machine learning automated data analysis of microplastics measurements" at the local node at the University of Aalborg (Denmark). There, she also exchanged ideas "On the challenges within instrumentation for MNP (micro- and nanoplastics) analysis" with leading instrument manufacturers Renishaw, Bruker and Horiba during the roundtable discussion.

In general, the MICRO 2022 conference is rooted in an Open Science context, Under the Patronage of the the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, sharing the evolving research on plastic pollution from macro to nano, with a core focus on microplastics. As a consequence of the conference the Lanzarote Declaration for the UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution was sent to the UN Secretary-General from the Micro 2022 Scientific Committee, on behalf of the MICRO 2022 Speakers, Chairpersons and all Participants.

We thank Daniel Hill who is coordinating the H2020 MONPLAS project, for the invitation to attend and present at the local node in Aalborg with all MONPLAS members.

Find the corresponding linkedin post here.

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