Purency participates at GoSeoul 2022 by GIN Austria

Purency was accepted as one of 6 start-ups that participated in this years GoSeoul programme 2022 (South Korea) by Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA. During the week long programme in Seoul, Aurelia Liechtenstein and Michaela Radl used this opportunity to speak with existing and future Korean partners and laboratories about the research and issues regarding microplastics. Furthermore, Aurelia got the chance to pitch Purency's solution for automated microplastics data analysis to the Korean start-up ecosystem during the Austrian night - one of the many exciting agenda points, to connect with international stakeholders.

Unsurprisingly, Korea is very active and at the forefront in the field of researching microplastics and its development of standards, as experienced at the visit to KIAST - Korean Institute for Analytical Science and Technology. Furthermore, it was noticeable that the Korean government as well as local businesses are thinking ahead and preparing themselves for expected regulations.

We thank the companies and organisations we visited for welcoming us, exchanging thoughts and ideas about the microplastics market and exploring the options for future collaborations.

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