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Purency increases involvement in standardisation of microplastics analysis

The implementation of standards as a foundation is essential for basic research. However, in the field of microplastics analysis there is still a lack of harmonised and standardised methods for the detection and analysis of microplastics in different samples. Next to developing and establishing methods, it is crucial to define standardised workflows to ensure reliable, reproducible and comparable results across laboratories around the globe. Only then will we be able to make holistic statements about presence and effects of microplastics on our ecosystem or health. Ultimately leading to a (knowledge) basis for the reduction or at least limitation of microplastics.

Therefore, ISO established the joint working group "Plastics (including microplastics) in waters and related matrices " where the knowledge of the technical committees "Plastics" and "Water" is combined of different experts.

Since the founding of Purency, we are actively involved in the harmonization and standardization of microplastics measurements on national and international levels.

On that account, we congratulate our team member Michaela Radl for her delegation to that joint working group. As a delegate of Austrian Standards International she will support to develop standards for microplastics detection and quantification.

As a trained scientist in the field of micropalaeontology, Michaela Radl is very familiar with analytical and chemical laboratory work, especially during her doctoral thesis on marine sediments.

With her academic and professional know-how, she is well equipped to contribute to the standardization on microplastics to #makemicroplasticsvisible.

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Purency joins the ISO joint working group "Plastics (including microplastics) in waters and related matrices".
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