Purency contributes at SETAC Europe's 31st annual meeting

Where are the standards we are all waiting for? Why don't we have a harmonised way of analysing microplastics? These and other questions regarding microplastics research will be discussed at the session 'Harmonized Data Reporting And Analysis in Micro- and Nanoplastics Research' hosted at the 31st annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). Together with TU Vienna and University of Bayreuth, we are very proud to contribute to the session with a presentation on 'Automated Ultra-Fast Analysis of Microplastics in Large µFTIR Imaging Datasets From Environmental Samples Via RDF Classifiers'. Join Purency's Co-Founder Benedikt Hufnagl at the live discussion to find out more about the current state and recent advances.

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