Microplastics in fresh water - Introducing a fast and robust analysis pipeline

What began as laborious manual processing in 2016 has now become one of the fastest and most accurate analysis pipelines for microplastics analysis. The University of Bayreuth has established itself as one of the key players in the analysis of environmental microplastics samples. And not without reason: lead by Dr. Martin Löder and Prof. Christian Laforsch the research group has published key papers for sample preparation using enzymatic digestion and parameter optimization for FTIR spectroscopy. It soon became apparent that the resulting amounts of measurement data can not be analyzed manually within a reasonable time frame and an acceptable error rate. This was the moment when the foundations for the cooperation between Purency and Bayreuth were formed. What started as a research project between Bayreuth, Epina GmbH and Vienna University of Technology has been brought to the market as the Purency Microplastics Finder. Check out Martin Löder's and Christian Laforsch's recent article in Wiley Analytical Science Magazine to find out more about how the entire pipeline works.

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