Purency joins the newly established microplastics joint working group at ISO

Is microplastics a matter for plastics experts because it is a collection of different polymers, or is it rather and environmental topic and thus, more related to expertise regarding persistent organic pollutants in water? As standardization organizations are usually structured based on topical sectors and microplastics raises different issues regarding these domains of expertise, it is only natural that different expert committees start to address microplastics from different angles. For this reason ISO created the joint working group "Plastics (including microplastics) in waters and related matrices" between the technical committees "Plastics" and "Water" to pool the knowledge of different experts.

We congratulate our Application Engineer Lukas Wander for his delegation to that joint working group. As a delegate of Austrian Standards International he will help in developing standards for microplastics detection and quantification.

Lukas Wander has a research background in analytical chemistry as well as chemometrics and data science. His practical lab experience as well as his deep theoretical knowledge about microplastics data allowed him to derive new approaches for data analysis in this research field.

We believe that his expertise will greatly contribute to current standards under development. We therefore wish him good luck.