Identifying Microplastics becomes a routine

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Automated analysis allows you to focus on the interpretation of your data.

This is how Purency enables smoother regulatory compliance, better product development as well as increased research output and quality
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Problem and Challenge

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The analysis of microplastics could be so much more efficient. Today's analytical laboratories know: It's not easy to make good statements about large data sets of samples quickly. Microplastic analysis is too slow, too error-prone, too manual, and far too resource-intensive. This is a software problem - but there is a solution
With Purency
Automated data analysis increases research output and lets experts focus on what’s important: Knowledgeable interpretation and meaningful statements.
Contract Labs
Can optimize and expand microplastics analysis services because they have become more routine.
Analyses and risk assessments are painless because they require fewer resources. Future regulation of microplastics will be complied effortlessly.
With classic methods
Scientists spend a lot of time analyzing results rather than interpreting them. Statements require a lot of manual effort.
Contract Labs
It is difficult to offer analysis of microplastics (as a service) at affordable prices. It is not yet a routine task, but rather cost- and knowledge-intensive.
There are no standardized methods for microplastic analysis that are efficient enough in the corporate context.
The Purency Microplastics Finder

Identifying microplastics becomes routine

Our data analysis software solution enables you to find microplastics quickly, accurately and much more conveniently than ever before. Even for large data sets and complex samples.
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Driving research, innovation and standardization.

Purency partners in research projects, continuously improves solutions and works towards harmonizing methods.

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We automate the data analysis for analytical chemistry to enable users to leverage the full value of their chemical data.

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Creating the most advanced data analysis solutions for analytical chemistry. Currently, to enable the easiest and most reliable microplastics analysis workflow.
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Webinar: Get your lab ready for Microplastics Analysis.

A promising approach for an all-in-one microplastics solution. Purency is supporting Bruker with the Microplastics Finder in order to provide a complete solution for microplastics

Purency increases involvement in standardisation of microplastics analysis

Purency team member Michaela Radl joins the joint working group "Plastics (including microplastics) in waters and related matrices" at ISO.

Publication evaluates machine learning-automated analysis of μFTIR-imaging

New publication evaluates the advantages of computer-assisted microplastics analysis based on μFTIR-images of several environmental samples and machine learning-based data analysis
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